How to get rid of mouse

Have you been wondering on how to get rid of the mouse in your home? Mice are not only a threat to your kitchen basement wires and cupboards but also have potential to cause serious health problems. In the 14th century, there was a disastrous plague that swept Europe known as the Black Death. It resulted in over 25 million deaths. The disease was caused by mice and flies.
how to get rid of the mouse
It was characterized by the occurrence of lymph nodes in the armpit and the groin area. The truth is that even though the threat of Black Death has long disappeared, the bubonic plagues exist even today. Mice and other rodents are capable of transmitting 11 known diseases such as Leptospirosis, Lassa Fever, Hemorrhagic fever among others. They are usually spread by breathing dust contaminated with mice urine. The symptoms of each disease are unpleasant, and a can also lead to death. Due to this, you should try to look for ways to get rid of mice from your home. You can use the following methods.

1.    Clean your home regularly

Rodents usually looks for homes where they can get food to eat but if they do not get, they will just escape. You can buy air tight containers to keep your food in places which are not accessible to them. It’s nice to keep all your trash cans away from your home to minimize the smell since smell from cans usually attracts mice. An attic should be cleaned regularly as mice usually like the warmth thy get under the roof space. Try to get rid of all the possible sources of food; you should also fix all the leaky taps.

2.    Use mouse traps


The best way to get rid of mice is using the best mouse trap. Traps are usually classified into three categories that are, the wire-caged trap, the wood spring loaded and the electronic trap. They are good in reducing the number of rodents in your home, but they usually catch one mouse at a time if you place them in appropriate places. This is one of the most humane ways to kill rodents as they die more quickly as compared to poisoning. You can also look for traps which do not kill the mouse. Instead, they prevent them from escaping. Bait can be necessary when setting the trap. Cheese and butter can be useful as mice tend to be attracted to sugar and fat.

3.    Poisoning

You can use this method in areas which cannot be accessed by children and pets. In some cases, children have eaten poison and ended up in the hospital due to intoxication.  Pets can also die after consuming poison. They are very effective in killing the mice. For example, you can leave some poisoned food in areas which are frequently visited by mice. They will die after eating the poisoned food. Poisons are very cheap, and you can easily get them from supermarkets and specialized stores.

4.    Block holes in both interior and exterior walls

Mice may at times move out of your home to go and search for food elsewhere. You should block all the holes in the interior wall to ensure that they do not come back. Give them a space to leave the house. Space should be enough to prevent them from creating holes as they usually do when space is narrow. Mice often look for any hole and small cracks in the wall to access your home. Homeowners overlook small holes at times, but mice can squeeze themselves even in very tiny holes. Try to look for faeces and greasy stains if you are looking for those holes that mice passes through. You can also get a unique smell coming from those areas. Use chalk to mark these areas then cleans them. Scouring pads can be used to seal all the holes; they should be secured properly to the walls to prevent mice from pulling them away.

5.    Use electric repellent

You can use ultrasonic electronic repellents to keep away the mice from your business or home. They can travel from the floor, and this can make them hide in any place. This mechanism is easy and will help you to get rid of mice without taking into consideration the area they are nesting or hiding. The plug-in repellent devices produce different sounds and this makes the mice uncomfortable, and so they will just escape. Try to place them in different areas to achieve the best results.


I hope you have learned a lot from the article, have you? Those are some of the methods on how to get rid of the mouse from your home. Try to look for ways to keep away the mice from your house because as we have seen, they can spread some disease. The above methods are very easy to follow and are very affordable. You can choose the best for you. Do you have any views or comments? You can share them in the comments below. I will also appreciate if you will not mind sharing the article.

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