How To Paint Furniture

Have you ever considered painting any piece of furniture and wondered how you could achieve that. I will guide you on how to paint furniture in this article. Let us go through some of the reasons why you need to paint your furniture.
  • Decoration- you can paint or add color to your furniture to make it look attractive.
  • Preservation – coating ensures your furniture is well protected; this makes it last for an extended period.
  • Sanitation- Keeping your furniture clean is highly recommended to maintain high levels of hygiene.
When painting your furniture, you can follow the following steps.


Steps 1– Cleaning

It is a superb idea to start by cleaning your furniture even if it looks clean. If you might give it a closer look, you might be surprised by the amount of residue or gunk on it. You should use vinegar, soap, and water. Frequently handled parts like the knobs and drawer pull should be given more attention.

Step 2 – Sanding

Wood surfaces should be sanded for them to absorb paint. You can use sandpaper; sanding can be done by use of hand or by using an orbital power sander. You can use 80- grit sandpaper where the surface is covered with varnish. Decorated or round surfaces should be sanded manually.

Step 3 – Priming

It is not the must that you should use the primer. You can use the pre-paint coat to make sure that your paint sticks to the surface. Use a lint free rag to wipe your piece to take care of paint that might have remained. You can remove knobs, drawers, and handles and work on them separately. You can use a satin or latex primer, but you should ensure that the gross and the type match with the paint you choose. When using oil based paints, you should make sure there is enough ventilation since they produce fumes. You can apply the color using a narrow brush and ensure that drips and runs do not form. The primed piece can be left to dry overnight.

Step 4 – Re-sanding

If you used an 80- grit sandpaper you can now use a 150-grit when doing your second sanding. Scratching the piece with the sand paper by use of a very light touch, be keen on any drains and raised areas. After you are through, use a rag to wipe any residue.

Step 5 –Painting

Apply paint from the top towards the bottom of your piece using smooth and drip free strokes, which matches your wood. You can do this by using a latex paint in a satin or oil based paint. Apply paint and leave it for 6 to 8 hours to dry. You can now reapply two or three more times. More coats give a stronger finish so you can put at least two.

Step 6 - Finishing

If you are comfortable with how your paint looks, you can give it at least 24 to dry. Using a clean cloth, you can now apply a thin coat of a clear finishing wax. You can also spray it using a polycyclic sealer from a can; this protects your piece from cracks.
The above steps are on how to paint wooden furniture. When painting metal furniture, you should use a wire brush to remove rust or any chipping paint, and then crush the piece by use of a sand block. You can spray your furniture with a primer, which is designed for metal surfaces. You can then spray using metal-friendly paint and allow it to dry. You can now apply a second layer of coat. This now gives it a new look.


Have you enjoyed? Now you know how to paint furniture, do you? As we have seen, painting your furniture is crucial. Giving your furniture a new look increases its value, and when doing this, you should ensure all the above steps are followed for you to get the best results. It is a very simple and an enjoyable process; anybody can do it. I will appreciate your views in the comments below. Feel free to share the article with your friends if you like it.

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