Ukuleles for home studio

You want to make a home studio, but you are not sure what kind of instruments you need. Or, you already have made a studio but you feel like something is missing. What should you add in your equipment? If you are thinking of a string instrument and your budget is limited, this article will help you finding the best option.
Ukuleles for home studio

Most people that own a home studio, don’t want instruments like ukulele. The ukulele is connected with the Hawaiian music which is why you may refuse to buy this instrument and that is the biggest mistake you can make. The ukulele can both give Hawaiian feel to a song or provide extra texture. It doesn’t mind what type of music are you playing, the ukulele is a must have in every studio. There are many different types of ukuleles that you might not even heard about and they can help you with the variety of sounds they can produce. You can find them almost everywhere, and learning to play it is not that hard, compared to other string instruments.

Ukuleles for your home studio

However, choosing the right ukulele for you is not easy at all, so before doing that, take a look at the good ukulele for beginners. You may want acoustic or electric or even both in same instrument. Here are several of them.

  1. Oscar Schmidt OU5 Concert – great addition to your collection, crafted with playability and ease of use in mind.
  2. Epiphone Les Paul Acoustic Electric Ukulele – ukulele with unique aesthetic, which will impress every single musician.
  3. Fender Nohea Tenor – well- deserved reputation of a constantly making high – quality products, great tone coming in small size.
  4. Luna Guitars Tattoo Concert – great ukulele with a tattoo design and great value.
  5. Godin 36080 Ukulele – hand crafted ukulele, great option for intermediate or advanced ukulele player.

Maybe this is just not enough for you. You are bored with the traditional ukulele and want some changes. So check this out. There is a crazy new instrument called the bass ukulele, instrument small enough to fit I your backpack and it can somehow produce deep bass tones. There are few bass ukuleles which are worth buying.

  1. Kala U Bass – best -selling and most well-known name in the industry of bass ukuleles
  2. Kala Rumbler – very similar to the first one, small price difference
  3. Hadean UKBE-22 – this is an expensive ukulele, with price about 400-500$, but if you have the money, it is really good.

I am sure you are now asking how does that sound, bass ukulele is not something average person is informed about. Luckily, there are tons of videos that explain how they work and you can hear that magnificent sound too.

All of these ukuleles, acoustic, electric or bass ukuleles provide excellent sound and are great option to include in your home studio. If you don’t prefer the acoustic or electric, I am sure you will fall in love with greatest innovation in the world of bass -  the bass ukuleles. However, it is a matter of taste, and that is why there is a big number of different types of ukuleles, so everyone can find what is the best for them.


To conclude, ukulele is a great instrument. It provides so many different sounds which cannot be replaced by other instruments, comes in many sizes and there are a lot of brands on the market. I hope that with the info given in this article, it will be much easier for you to choose what ukulele fits the best for you. It doesn’t matter if you already have a studio or you just plan on making one, I strongly recommend having at least one type of ukulele. Including this instrument in your home studio is so important, mostly because it is easy to use and you can find high-quality ukulele without spending too much money. Try using it and in a week or two, the results will speak for themselves.
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Elk meat and gout

Did you know elk meat causes gout? Elk meat is a rare type of meat. You can find Elks in the especially if you are a hunter.  In most cases, the environmental conditions in the forest are not favorable hence, you will require the best elk hunting boots to help you in hunting. Gout is a type of arthritis that is characterized by pain, inflammation of joints and stiffness.
elk meat
Many years ago, it used to be an uncommon disease that mostly affected the rich who ate a lot of fancy foods and drank too much liquor. It is caused by small crystals which forms in the joints leading to severe pain, tenderness and swelling. The good news is that, there are some preventive measures you can take to prevent this condition. Over the years, doctors usually prescribe gout patients with different drugs which do not cure gout and instead, the drugs comes with undesirable side effects. There are natural ways of treating gout symptoms and you have to start with your diet.

Let us now go through the various ways on how you can prevent gout.

Elk meat and gout
  1. Avoid high purine foods that can cause gout attacks- You should reduce the consumption of red meat and certain seafood. Elk meat can also cause gout as it is part of red meat. These are other types of foods which are particularly high in purine. Buffalo, organ meats, caviar, anchovy, venison, mussels, scallop, and herring, are all rich in purine. 
  2. Limit fructose in your diet- If you are suffering from gout, you should restrict the amount of fructose you eat. Try to avoid the following foods. All types of sugars, honey, soda, fruit juices, dried fruit, sports drinks and sweetened beverages. With gout, you should eat small amounts of whole fruits but go for those who are low in fructose like passion fruits, guava, prune, berries, cherries, kiwi, pineapple and all citrus fruits.
  3.  Eat potassium rich foods- Lack of potassium is usually seen in people with gout. Potassium is necessary for many body functions. Some of the useful sources includes avocado, celery, broccoli, Swiss chard, romaine lettuce, crimini mushroom and Brussels sprouts. 
  4.   Limit alcohol consumption- Alcohol increase gout risks but beer is the worst. Beer is made up of yeast and other ingredients which tend to trigger uric acid production.
  5.  Drink tart cherry juice – According to study, tart cherry juice can help in reducing uric acid as well as inflammation. Cherries consist of potent compounds like bioflavonoid and anthocyanin which are known to be anti-inflammatory and include antioxidant properties. You should go for organic cherry juice which has no added sugars. 
  6.  Avoid soy milk- Research indicates that it increases uric acid levels in the body.
  7.  Dairy products and coffee are associated with lower incidence of gout- You should always purchase organic to shun the antibiotics and hormones used in raising cattle and pesticides in animal feed and coffee crops.
  8. Exercise regularly- Most of the people with gout usually think that exercise will worsen their pain or cause further injury, and they end up being inactive. This is one of the worst things you can do if you have gout or any arthritis. Exercises are good in weight management and help to improve circulation and normalize insulin levels. It is a powerful tool for joint mobility and preserving bone density. You can work with a fitness trainer or a physical therapist if you are not sure of the best exercises for you. They should help you to develop a safe and efficient program for your specific needs.


I am sure you have learned something, have you? Those are some of the best ways on how you can prevent gout. We have also seen some of the foods which cause gout such as elk meat. Gout is a very painful health problem, and as we have seen, you can take measures to ensure that you do not suffer from it. Be careful with the type of food you eat. Regular exercises are also important; you should take care of your health. Your views will really be appreciated. You are free to share in case you have liked the article.

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How to get rid of mouse

Have you been wondering on how to get rid of the mouse in your home? Mice are not only a threat to your kitchen basement wires and cupboards but also have potential to cause serious health problems. In the 14th century, there was a disastrous plague that swept Europe known as the Black Death. It resulted in over 25 million deaths. The disease was caused by mice and flies.
how to get rid of the mouse
It was characterized by the occurrence of lymph nodes in the armpit and the groin area. The truth is that even though the threat of Black Death has long disappeared, the bubonic plagues exist even today. Mice and other rodents are capable of transmitting 11 known diseases such as Leptospirosis, Lassa Fever, Hemorrhagic fever among others. They are usually spread by breathing dust contaminated with mice urine. The symptoms of each disease are unpleasant, and a can also lead to death. Due to this, you should try to look for ways to get rid of mice from your home. You can use the following methods.

1.    Clean your home regularly

Rodents usually looks for homes where they can get food to eat but if they do not get, they will just escape. You can buy air tight containers to keep your food in places which are not accessible to them. It’s nice to keep all your trash cans away from your home to minimize the smell since smell from cans usually attracts mice. An attic should be cleaned regularly as mice usually like the warmth thy get under the roof space. Try to get rid of all the possible sources of food; you should also fix all the leaky taps.

2.    Use mouse traps


The best way to get rid of mice is using the best mouse trap. Traps are usually classified into three categories that are, the wire-caged trap, the wood spring loaded and the electronic trap. They are good in reducing the number of rodents in your home, but they usually catch one mouse at a time if you place them in appropriate places. This is one of the most humane ways to kill rodents as they die more quickly as compared to poisoning. You can also look for traps which do not kill the mouse. Instead, they prevent them from escaping. Bait can be necessary when setting the trap. Cheese and butter can be useful as mice tend to be attracted to sugar and fat.

3.    Poisoning

You can use this method in areas which cannot be accessed by children and pets. In some cases, children have eaten poison and ended up in the hospital due to intoxication.  Pets can also die after consuming poison. They are very effective in killing the mice. For example, you can leave some poisoned food in areas which are frequently visited by mice. They will die after eating the poisoned food. Poisons are very cheap, and you can easily get them from supermarkets and specialized stores.

4.    Block holes in both interior and exterior walls

Mice may at times move out of your home to go and search for food elsewhere. You should block all the holes in the interior wall to ensure that they do not come back. Give them a space to leave the house. Space should be enough to prevent them from creating holes as they usually do when space is narrow. Mice often look for any hole and small cracks in the wall to access your home. Homeowners overlook small holes at times, but mice can squeeze themselves even in very tiny holes. Try to look for faeces and greasy stains if you are looking for those holes that mice passes through. You can also get a unique smell coming from those areas. Use chalk to mark these areas then cleans them. Scouring pads can be used to seal all the holes; they should be secured properly to the walls to prevent mice from pulling them away.

5.    Use electric repellent

You can use ultrasonic electronic repellents to keep away the mice from your business or home. They can travel from the floor, and this can make them hide in any place. This mechanism is easy and will help you to get rid of mice without taking into consideration the area they are nesting or hiding. The plug-in repellent devices produce different sounds and this makes the mice uncomfortable, and so they will just escape. Try to place them in different areas to achieve the best results.


I hope you have learned a lot from the article, have you? Those are some of the methods on how to get rid of the mouse from your home. Try to look for ways to keep away the mice from your house because as we have seen, they can spread some disease. The above methods are very easy to follow and are very affordable. You can choose the best for you. Do you have any views or comments? You can share them in the comments below. I will also appreciate if you will not mind sharing the article.

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5 reasons why you need an air compressor

Have you been considering buying an air compressor? You could take a look at to read about our best air compressor reviews to get one. In this article, we shall cover 5 reasons why you need an air compressor. Let us go through some of the uses of an air compressor.

  1. a) Inflating tires- Inflating tires is an activity that should frequently be done for the safety of your vehicle, bicycle, motorbikes and such. You can use an air compressor to do that.
  2. b) Diving- Compressed air is usually filtered into use for breathing gas in diving gas cylinders. Specialized air compressors can be used to do this.
  3. c) Airbrush painting- You can use an air compressor to paint your vehicle, bicycle and such.

Here are 5 reasons why you need an air compressor.

The nail gun helps to speed up you work

This is mostly if you do projects in carpentry and crafts. If you add the extra gun to your compressor, you will find it very easy to fix screws and to fasten firmly to the target areas. The nail gun may not be expensive. There is a gun, which typically works on battery operations, and its price ranges from $200 and $500. The pneumatic nail gun is usually higher by from $50 to $300. What makes the cost of the pneumatic gun high is that it has some additional advantages. It improves the weight, the skills to use and it is more comfortable to maneuver. It is also durable as compared to the battery-operated air gun. Due to this, using an air compressor will help you save the best time and efforts to produce the required results.  

Decorating and painting are made simple


You may find it hard to do some stuff especially if they are harmful to your health. This is because most of the activities expose you to chemicals especially if you don’t wear the safety gear. It might also be hard to control your artworks by hands. You can even destroy it. Using an air compressor will help you a lot when painting and decorating your furniture, walls cabinets and other things like tables and chairs. You don’t need a lot of efforts to produce excellent results. The more skills you have, the more professional your painting will look. You can use your air compressor to renovate or even construct new things.  

It is a great machine

It is a cool tool to use but it takes some time to learn how to operate the machine, but once you know how to use it, everything else becomes simple. Manufacturers usually offer a long-term warranty, and this can be up to 25 years. You can talk to their customer care service, and if you follow the guidelines, you can be able to fix it yourself if it has some problems.  

The machine is very versatile.

The machine is very versatile and profitable. It can be used together with other equipment to give the best results. It can also perform a wide variety of jobs. You can use the air blower tool to clean the dust in your garage. You can also use the paint sprayer to change the color of your bicycle. When upgrading your rooms with new pictures, you can use the air nailer to assist you in joining all the screws on the wall. It is very easy to use.

You do not need a lot of efforts to do repairs

Sometimes you may find that you are spending a lot of money to pay the mechanic for small or average tasks. With an air compressor, you can do most of the repair work yourself. You will just need to know how to change the air filter, how to install a new valve and also how to perform a tune-up. You can get these instructions from the manual. Sometimes you may need a mechanic if you do not recognize the problems. Finding out the problem should be the priority when repairing something. You can look for the relevant information from the internet or watch tutorial videos. One of the most difficult parts of repairing is removing the bolts with the rusted thing or in tight places. With the help of an air compressor, this can be a very simple task and will save you a lot of time.


Have you learned something? Those are the 5 reasons why you need an air compressor. As we have seen, air compressors are imperative devices to have. You can do a lot of work if you apply their use or when combined with other equipment. We have also seen that they can be implemented in almost all areas. If used effectively, they can help you save a lot of time and resources. Do you have any views? I will appreciate them in the comments below. Feel free to share if you liked it.
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How To Reupholster A Chair

Would you like to know how to reupholster a chair? This article will guide you on the steps you need to follow to achieve that. There are various benefits of reupholstering a chair. Some of them include.

  • You do not need to replace your seat. You can use your head for many years.
  •  It is less costly than buying- If you are working on a tight budget, reupholstering can help you save a lot of money
  • Reupholstering also gives you a wide variety of looks and styles. You can give your chair a new look.
These are some of the steps involved.
How To Reupholster A Chair


Step 1- Choose a Chair You Would Like To Reupholster

You should do some research on the internet on the amount of fabric to choose. Use a measuring to determine the size of each panel. You can also lay the boards after you have removed the material to get a better estimate of what you will need. Buying an extra fabric is good.
Choose a Chair You Would Like To Reupholster

Step 2 - Start from the Bottom

You should start removing material from the bottom of your chair because most of the chairs are finished at the bottom. It’s good to remove fabric the opposite of how it was placed thus the first pieces you put back should be the last pieces you detached. You should also spray the chair using Lysol disinfectant in case you got the presidency maybe from a garage sale to prevent odors.

Steps 3- Take Out the Outer Frame

You can take out the bottom frame to reach the fabric. You can use a hammer and a thin flat head screwdriver and then open it apart. When doing this, you should wear work grooves due to nails or staples, which might be exposed. You should be very keen.

Step 4 – Remove All Your Panels from The Bottom

You can start by eliminating all the staples that were used. You should be keen when removing the fabric so that you can reuse it as a guide for your new fabric. You can use pliers and a thin flat head screwdriver. You can try to remove the fabric after removing the staples; you should be careful when doing this to avoid tearing the fabric. It can be very easy if you can get the general pattern of each panel.

Step 5- Mark Your Steps

Save the piping, you have removed since it’s already cut in a perfect measurement of each part. Continue removing the fabric and the staples. Each section you remove should be labeled so that when recovering you will know where to place them.

Step 6- Ply-Grip

Ply-grip is the sharp metal teeth found on large sections like the back and sides. These pieces are very sharp you should be very keen. You can use a butter knife to open. You can re-use the ply-grip to minimize the costs. You can use pliers to take out the fabric from the ply-grip.

Step 7 – Remove The Fabric Completely

Ensure that the frame of the chair is entirely exposed by removing the fabric panels. You need to eliminate some of the batting and foam pieces to reach to where the fabric was stapled. You can add more foam and batting to make your chair more comfortable.

Step 8 – Check the Smooth Edges

Check how the manufacturer created the smooth edges. You should keep any cardboard lining so that you can use them again to keep your edges smooth. Now you can remove the cushion buttons so that when you lay the new fabric, the batting will be very soft

Step 9 – Creating the New Pattern

After you have removed the material completely, you can start y creating a new pattern in your fabric. In case you are using a patterned fabric, you should be keen on when to place after attaching the fabric. After cutting your new fabric, you can now start to join. You should put the material the reverse of how you had removed. Now you can put back the new fabric back to where it was placed before.

Step 10 –Piping

In the same order, you had removed the piping attach it the same way. It could be easier if you kept the original tubing. You can use scissors to open it and delete the cord. To create the new piping, remove a 1.5-2 wide strip of fabric in a measurement of 2-3 inches, it should be longer than the wire. You can then stitch the piping using a sewing machine.

 Step 11- Attach Your Wood Work

Before attaching any woodwork, you should put into consideration if you would like to paint it. You should do this before attaching your new fabric. In case you are staining the wood, you should sand it properly. You can use polyurethane to protect the wood; you can apply it using a foam brush.

 Step 12- Put In Your Fabric

Remember to tuck in all the panels and join, you should not see any exposed staples after you are through.  Use a sewing machine to sew the cover for your cushion. You can also add batting though it will change the size of your pillow cover. Your chair is now complete you can spray your new fabric using Scotchgard or a similar product to protect it from stains and spills.


Have you enjoyed the topic? Now you know how to reupholster a chair, do you?  As we have seen, reupholstering your chair comes with so many benefits, you can use your seat for a long time you also you save the cost of buying a new one among other benefits. It is a very simple process. If you follow the above steps, you will succeed in giving your chair a new look. I will appreciate your views in the comments below. Feel free to share the article with your friends if you liked it.


How To Paint Furniture

Have you ever considered painting any piece of furniture and wondered how you could achieve that. I will guide you on how to paint furniture in this article. Let us go through some of the reasons why you need to paint your furniture.
  • Decoration- you can paint or add color to your furniture to make it look attractive.
  • Preservation – coating ensures your furniture is well protected; this makes it last for an extended period.
  • Sanitation- Keeping your furniture clean is highly recommended to maintain high levels of hygiene.
When painting your furniture, you can follow the following steps.


Steps 1– Cleaning

It is a superb idea to start by cleaning your furniture even if it looks clean. If you might give it a closer look, you might be surprised by the amount of residue or gunk on it. You should use vinegar, soap, and water. Frequently handled parts like the knobs and drawer pull should be given more attention.

Step 2 – Sanding

Wood surfaces should be sanded for them to absorb paint. You can use sandpaper; sanding can be done by use of hand or by using an orbital power sander. You can use 80- grit sandpaper where the surface is covered with varnish. Decorated or round surfaces should be sanded manually.

Step 3 – Priming

It is not the must that you should use the primer. You can use the pre-paint coat to make sure that your paint sticks to the surface. Use a lint free rag to wipe your piece to take care of paint that might have remained. You can remove knobs, drawers, and handles and work on them separately. You can use a satin or latex primer, but you should ensure that the gross and the type match with the paint you choose. When using oil based paints, you should make sure there is enough ventilation since they produce fumes. You can apply the color using a narrow brush and ensure that drips and runs do not form. The primed piece can be left to dry overnight.

Step 4 – Re-sanding

If you used an 80- grit sandpaper you can now use a 150-grit when doing your second sanding. Scratching the piece with the sand paper by use of a very light touch, be keen on any drains and raised areas. After you are through, use a rag to wipe any residue.

Step 5 –Painting

Apply paint from the top towards the bottom of your piece using smooth and drip free strokes, which matches your wood. You can do this by using a latex paint in a satin or oil based paint. Apply paint and leave it for 6 to 8 hours to dry. You can now reapply two or three more times. More coats give a stronger finish so you can put at least two.

Step 6 - Finishing

If you are comfortable with how your paint looks, you can give it at least 24 to dry. Using a clean cloth, you can now apply a thin coat of a clear finishing wax. You can also spray it using a polycyclic sealer from a can; this protects your piece from cracks.
The above steps are on how to paint wooden furniture. When painting metal furniture, you should use a wire brush to remove rust or any chipping paint, and then crush the piece by use of a sand block. You can spray your furniture with a primer, which is designed for metal surfaces. You can then spray using metal-friendly paint and allow it to dry. You can now apply a second layer of coat. This now gives it a new look.


Have you enjoyed? Now you know how to paint furniture, do you? As we have seen, painting your furniture is crucial. Giving your furniture a new look increases its value, and when doing this, you should ensure all the above steps are followed for you to get the best results. It is a very simple and an enjoyable process; anybody can do it. I will appreciate your views in the comments below. Feel free to share the article with your friends if you like it.


How to Cook Filet Mignon

A filet mignon is a boneless steak of meat or fish. It is cut from tenderloin that lies in the middle of the back of the animal. Tenderloin is a muscle that is very lean and does not contain much fat. A filet mignon comes from the tail end of tenderloin. That’s the reason why a filet mignon is so tender.

How to Cook Filet Mignon

 You will know how to cook filet mignon in different ways so that it does not lose original tenderness and flavor by reading this article. There are plenty ways to cook filet mignon, but before starting, there are some tips that will help you to cook perfect filet mignon.

First tip is to take the meat out of the refrigerator for around 20 minutes and keep it at room temperature. Secondly when the meat is searing, do not move it around the pan. Another thing to keep in mind is that its best to cook filet mignon with direct heat as slow cooking will dry it out. And lastly, keep a track of time in order to avoid over cooking or under cooking the filet mignon as it is so tender it can get over cooked easily.

So, now let’s get started. How to cook filet mignon? You can either grill it, broil it, skillet cook or bake it.

How to Grill Filet Mignon

How to Grill Filet Mignon

  • If you are using charcoal grill, put the filet on the grill rack over medium coals and grill it uncovered.
  • If you are using a gas grill, then firstly preheat the grill, keep the heat on medium, place the meat on grill rack and cover it.
  • The time to grill the filet depends on its size,
  • For a 1 inch cut, grill it for 12-15 minutes (160 degrees F)
  • For a 1-1/2 inch cut, grill it for 18-22 minutes (160 degrees F)
  • Turn the filet once between the grilling time.
  • Remove the meat from grill. Transfer it to serving platter. Cover it with foil and let it stand for 5 minutes before serving.

How to Skillet Cook Filet Mignon

  • Choose a heavy skillet depending on the amount of the filet you are about to cook.
  • Pat dry the meat.
  • Spray the nonstick cooking spray on the skillet lightly.
  • Preheat the skillet on medium- high heat then add the filet and keep it uncovered.
  • Reduce the heat to medium and cook for 10 to 13 minutes roughly for a 1 inch filet. You can increase the cooking time depending on the thickness of the filet. Keep turning the meat in between.
  • Transfer the meat from skillet to platter. Cover it with foil and let it stand to 5 minutes before serving. 

How to Broil Filet Mignon

  • For 1 inch to 1-1/2 inch thick cut, keep the broiler rack in such a way that the filet is 3-4 inches away from heat. For thicker cuts, keep the meat 4-5 inches away from heat.
  • Preheat the broiler and place the meat on unheated rack.
  • Keep the meat on the heat for following timings,
  • For a 1 inch cut, broil for 15 to 18 minutes (160 degrees F)
  • For a 1-1/2 inch cut, broil for 22 to 27 minutes (160 degrees)
  • Lastly transfer the broiled meat to the platter, cover it with foil and let it stand for 5 minutes.

You can add flavor to your filet mignon by serving it with different types of sauces and flavored butter. This will not only enhance the taste of your dish but will also keep the moisture in the meat. Some of flavored butters that taste great with filet mignon are herb butter, blue cheese butter and chipotle cilantro butter. These butters are easy to make and you can make them beforehand. Then just place a tablespoon of your favorite flavored butter over the filet mignon before serving.

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